Me and Aidan

The Mom Behind Yippitee

Hi! I’m Peggy, the creator of Yippitee. (Pictured here with my deceptively innocent-looking toddler tornado, Aidan, back when Yippitee had just begun.) I make birthday shirts for kids who thrive on color and fun. My shirts are unlike any other in that they show off your little one’s new age AND have detachable finger puppets. They easily snap on and off for play anywhere! Plus, my shirts are always fitted, soft, machine washable, and can be worn for more than a day.

It’s thanks to this guy here that I got interested in the world of kids birthday shirts. It all started when I was planning his second birthday.


The Search for the Perfect Birthday Shirt

He was really into bugs at the time and I remembered a shirt my sister had when we were kids. It had toy bugs that attached to it with snaps and she loooved wearing it and unsnapping the bugs to play with. She wore that shirt every day unless my mom managed to sneak it away to get washed.

I searched in vain for a similar shirt for Aidan. When I couldn’t find it I settled for a simple shirt with only his age on it (so he could wear it all year to get the most use out of it).

But I couldn’t let go of the idea of a shirt with detachable toys. So shortly after his birthday I began the process of combining those two ideas myself and that’s how Yippitee was born!

Why choose a Yippitee shirt over any other birthday shirt?

A third birthday shirt with toys that snap on and off.

Perfect for all year

Because they show off your kiddo’s new age (instead of phrases like “it’s my birthday” or “birthday girl”) they can be worn for more than one day. Which just makes sense!


Modern and fitted

I didn’t want just any shirt to show off my fun designs and awesome toys. I picked a super soft, fitted shirt (not short and boxy like many popular kid’s tees). Something I would want my own kids to wear every day. 


Easy to clean

Not just cute but practical too. My shirts are screenprinted so the design becomes part of the shirt and won’t crack or peel like vinyl can. Simply machine wash and dry and wear on repeat!


Fun to wear!

Each shirt for ages 3 and up has removable finger puppets that snap on and off for play anywhere! This was the idea I just couldn’t let go of and the big reason why Yippitee exists.

A Proud Mom-Owned Business

These beautifully embroidered unicorn finger puppets make a truly unique unicorn toy. Perfect unicorn party favors and as gifts (think birthdays, stocking stuffers, even in Easter eggs)! #unicornparty #unicornbirthday #unicornpartyfavors

When you shop at Yippitee, you’re supporting a U.S. grown mom-owned business. Every one of my shirts has been designed and printed in Austin, Texas.

I have spent many naptime hours adding snaps to shirts and toys. I package up the orders too (in case you want to know who to give props for perfect tape placement).

My goal is to make every experience with my shop as fun and exciting as opening an anticipated birthday present. So please feel free to share any feedback you have with me that would make it more fun to work together!

I hope you love your Yippitee!


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