Me and AidanHi, I’m Peggy! Thanks for visiting my site and reading more about Yippitee! Here’s a little behind the scenes look at how I came up with the idea for our new playful birthday shirts and our crazy (fun!) name.

In case you haven’t seen my intros on Instagram, I’m the one-woman show behind Yippitee. I am creator, doer, and unpaid intern working whenever I can to bring this dream of mine to life. I came up with the idea to do a new type of birthday shirt last year and have been working hard to make that dream come true with help and support from my husband, toddler (the cute two-year-old I’m holding), and some talented friends, new and old.

How Two Bug-Lovers Got Me Started On This Journey

When I was young, one of my sisters had this shirt with plastic bugs all over it. They snapped onto a jungle scene and she could take them off to play with them. It was her favorite shirt and she wore it ALL. THE. TIME.

Speed up a couple decades and I realize my own child is obsessed with bugs. Always wanting to pick them up, dead or alive, pretending he’s a bee daily, choosing Some Bugs for bedtime reading over and over again. We threw him a bug-themed second birthday party and before it I searched and searched for a shirt like my sister’s. In vain.

During that search, I did find a few shirts that had toys attached to them. But, to be honest, the designs were…not awesome. I want my son to have clothes with things that he likes on them, but I also want (need?) him to look cute for Instagram photos, so there’s a balance I must strike.

My New Birthday Shirt Idea

5th birthday shirtThe whole search made me realize there was a real opportunity to bring fun snap-on toy shirts to other kids. So they could have a new favorite shirt that would look awesome in photos AND be lots of fun to play with. And what better reason to get an awesome shirt than to celebrate an exciting new age?! So I decided to start my journey by designing birthday shirts specifically.

I work from home with Aidan at my side, so for the last 9 months I’ve been brainstorming, writing, planning, and testing snaps, glues, shirts, toys, etc. whenever he was asleep. Full disclosure: I did try to work when he was awake a couple times but he would lie on my laptop like a cat or jump on top of me, so he’s done a great job at helping me maintain a work-life balance.

The reason I went with monsters first is mostly because I love monsters (hehe) but also because it’s a popular theme for kid’s birthday parties so I knew a lot of moms and dads would be searching for cute monster shirts. Plus, a monster is a very flexible creature to bend into a number shape. Dinos and unicorns will be a tad more difficult down the road…

How Yippitee Got Its Name

Yippitee kids birthday shirtsPronounced “yip-ih-tee,” Yippitee was inspired by the word “yippee” and the excitement you feel when opening a new present while surrounded by loved ones. Plus, it’s really fun to say, like “zippadee doo dah” and “bippity boppity boo”! I love the name but let me tell you, it was a pain coming up with it. Three months (yes, ninety days) of torturous brainstorming filled with mediocre ideas or great ones that were already taken was really making me feel like I’d have to settle for a name I wasn’t obsessed with. But it all worked out because I don’t like any of my favorite-but-taken names half as much as I love Yippitee!

Launching Summer 2017

(UPDATE: They’re live! Check out the collection here.)

My first collection of birthday shirts will be launching this August with our friendly little number monsters. Each monster is in the shape of the birthday kiddo’s new age so they can be worn all year.

Yippitee Kids Birthday Shirts

Shirts for ages 3 and up come with the option to add on monster finger puppets. They easily snap on and off so they can be hand puppets for the monster, making the shirt look even more awesome, or they can be finger puppets for your child, to talk with, give kisses to, and make silly faces with.